Mama’s Milkshake: the Lactation Smoothie, an Alternative to the Ubiquitous Lactation Cookie


Like many new moms, I spend a(n) (un)reasonable amount of time thinking about my breasts. I: marvel at how miraculous it is that I feed my baby from them; wonder how it’s possible for them to be at one moment porn star-worthy and, at another moment, to take on the quality of that lonely, semi-deflated balloon you find behind your sofa weeks after any balloon-inclusive celebration; guess at whether I can make it through a yoga class without breast pads; curse the amount of laundry I do now thanks to those leaking breasts; lament how different they look post-pregnancy and then fish for effusive compliments from my husband and then, when he gives them to me, act like he’s a pervert for conflating what is clearly, now,  a source of sustenance for our infant with a sex object.

Mostly, I feel enormous gratitude for being able to sustain my daughter and nurture our bond through breastfeeding. Indeed, these days I devote the attention I once paid…say…my eyebrows or bikini line to maintaining my supply. I’ve consumed copious lactation cookies in the past nine weeks, but after the holidays, I’ve been craving lighter, simpler foods. Enter the lactation smoothie. Deliciously sweet and nutty and packed with lactation-promoting ingredients, it’s a breeze to make and keeps me energized all morning long.


1 serving of chocolate protein powder (I use Tera’s Whey Organic Grassfed Chocolate Protein Powder – it’s not chalky and has ingredients you can feel good about) 

about 1 cup of coconut milk

a handful of ice

1 teaspoon cinnamon

1 tablespoon chia seeds

2 tablespoons Brewer’s yeast ( You can read about the benefits of Brewer’s Yeast and supply here)

1 tablespoon flaxseed

1 banana

**On days when I’m particularly ravenous, I like to up the healthy fats with a scoop of nut butter or a tablespoon of coconut oil.



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