A really beautiful beginning.

Rabbit, rabbit. It’s August first, and my life is in a major state of transition, of change, of openings and beginnings. The past month has been a delightful swirl of events. The last days of June, Jared and I put the majority of our belongings in storage, packed our cars with the things we would need for the next year, and moved to Hood River, Oregon. We spent the next three weeks in a nervous, happy, excited, anxious, blissful twitter of getting settled and finalizing the details for our wedding. Jared and I tied the knot on July 21st, 2013. It was simply joyful (more on that later!). I feel charged right now, electrified by the space opening up before me: as Jared applies to PhD programs, he and I are spending this next year together in Hood River exploring ways to cultivate a meaningful life together and individually, establishing healthful nourishing patterns for ourselves and our marriage, and creating space and time to devote to the things that are important to us: family, friendships, community, creativity, and health. In another post I’ll detail my goals for this year, but for right now I’ll just say this: I am in a state of flux, and I am so happy for it.


An impending wedding added some complication to packing – everything was fragile!


flower crowns, and jewelery, and programs, and more.


Jared putting the bike on his car.


Somewhere in there is my wedding dress….


Not without my kitchenaid.


I am seriously doubtful that everything will fit.


But somehow it will…


It fits…just barely.


So long Colorado.


Hey! We’re in Oregon!

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